Ayuda Selected As Founding Gateway in Ebiz For Media Initiative

American Association Of Advertising Agencies’ Ebiz For Media Initiative Secures Commitment From Leading Technology Vendors As Founding Gateways

Joe Cotugno, New York, NY

Aug 21, 2006

The American Association of Advertising Agencies’ ebiz for media initiative has secured the commitment of Ayuda Media Systems, Donovan Data Systems, eMediaTRADE, Harris Corporation, Spot Buy Spot, Video Communications Inc., and Vio Worldwide to be Founding Gateways (formerly known as Hubs).

The ebiz for media Gateways are logical business entities that are responsible for orchestrating electronic transactions to and from trading partners using XML standardized messages. These companies will lead the industry in creating an environment to allow easy and secure exchange of electronic transaction information across all advertising media.

“The gateways are critical to the success of the eBiz initiative. These leading companies will facilitate the two-way movement of messages between buyers and sellers. Without them, two-way electronic transactions cannot happen,” said Mike Donahue, EVP, AAAA and co-CEO, Ad-ID and ebiz for media.

The Founding Gateways represent technology partners of media sellers and media buyers across various media, including print, local television and radio, national cable, and out-ofhome. These media are closest to implementing industry standards and the participants have, at a minimum, the beginnings of an electronic infrastructure in place. The Founding Gateways will be instrumental in creating the necessary requirements for the AAAA Registry, which holds all critical information necessary for trading partners, their system vendors, and the Gateways to connect electronically and securely. The close interaction of this small group will work to fast-track testing of industry standards in conjunction with the Registry, thus ensuring mass adoption moving forward. The participation of a small, dedicated group will move the ebiz for media initiative forward in the timeliest fashion and the guidelines will be made available to the industry for a controlled comment period upon their completion.

The commitment comes in the way of developing a working gateway, the testing of the gateways, and a financial contribution as the AAAA’s ebiz for media continues to make significant progress in encouraging the industry to adopt e-business processes.


The American Association Of Advertising Agencies is the national trade association of the advertising agency business. The 1,196 member agency offices it serves in the U.S. employ 65,000 people, offer a wide range of marketing communications services, and place 80 percent of all national advertising. The management-oriented association helps its members build their businesses, and acts as the industry’s spokesman with government, media, and the public sector. For more information visit our Web site at www.aaaa.org


Donovan Data Systems (DDS) is the leading systems and software provider to the advertising industry. It offers an exceptional range of business solutions that brings operating efficiencies to its clients in media agencies and marketing services companies. Each day DDS processes millions of transactions, supporting advertising agencies, media specialists, broadcasting sales companies, advertisers, PR firms and recruitment and direct response agencies around the world. The DDS head office and data center is located in New York. The company has 14 offices in North America and Europe.


eMediaTRADE is a privately held technology service company near Atlanta, Georgia, providing electronic document solutions to enable e-commerce between media partners. eMediaTRADE’s unique software solution, Media eXchange Desk (MXD), streamlines and economizes the transactions associated with the purchase and reconciliation of media buys. MXD simplifies EDI techniques by providing in-network translation, valuemapping, validation, and archiving of electronic documents. Clients include Arbitron, Wicks Broadcast Solutions, TelAmerica Media, Thompson Everett, CTV Media, The Hotel Network, and Cinema Screen Media among numerous other cable, broadcast television, and radio stations, as well as over 900 agencies. Visit www.eMediaTRADE.com for more information.


Harris Broadcast Communications Division is one of four divisions within Harris Corporation, an international communications equipment company focused on providing assured communications™ services for government and commercial customers in more than 150 countries. One of the world’s leading suppliers of broadcast technology, Harris Broadcast Communications Division offers a full range of solutions that support the digital delivery, automation and management of audio, video and data. Harris is a leading provider of software solutions for advertising, rep, media management (traffic, billing and scheduling), broadband, digital asset management, and automation for workflow management.


Spot Buy Spot delivers technology solutions to media companies including media rep firms, media sellers, agencies and buying services. SBS helps its clients define best business practices, makes the most of existing media software solutions, and drives its clients’ business forward with innovative and advanced solutions. The company has extensive experience in designing and building complete media systems that support etransactions between buy-side and sales-side trading partners. Additionally, Spot Buy Spot has been an integral participant in industry initiatives and has developed official solutions for these initiatives including electronic ordering and invoicing services across cable, radio and broadcast television. Learn more about Spot Buy Spot at www.spotbuyspot.com.


As the industry’s most successful sales, traffic and accounting partner, VCI Solutions delivers media revenue solutions that allow professionals working in broadcast and cable networks better anticipate change and more efficiently manage their business in a rapidly evolving marketplace. With more than 310 customers in North America, we have become a trusted and reliable traffic solution. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, VCI products and services help our customers improve the management of all key functions to maximize their revenue. Our products also help facilitate future channel and revenue stream expansion, through utilizing a flexible system that matches our customer’s workflow and needs. VCI has established itself as a market leader, as well as being one of the fastest growing companies in our marketplace. By choosing us as a business partner, our customers feel safe knowing that they will benefit from our industry leadership and understanding, our history of continual innovation and development, and our thoroughly tested and reliable technology.


Vio Worldwide provides solutions to streamline digital supply chains. Thousands of customers around the world depend on Vio: advertisers and their suppliers for automating ad creation, proofing and fulfilment; and publishers for automating their ad checking and reception. The tools to achieve this include: customer-facing service portals; automated ad and page composition; digital asset management; automated, remote preflighting solutions; colormanaged soft proofing; standards-based integration of business and production systems, including insertion management and booking reconciliation; securely managed, tracked and automated online delivery; innovative network design and outsourced 24/7 network management. With offices in the U.S., U.K., Israel and France and operating globally, Vio Worldwide is part of Leo Capital plc, a UK-based quoted company with around $400 million in assets. Vio Worldwide leads the way in technology standards, participating in XML standards-setting bodies for JDF, AdsML and ebiz for media.


Joe Cotugno
Partner, Senior Vice President of Global Client Services
Ayuda Media Systems
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