Astral Out-of-Home Chooses Ayuda Media Systems’ Splash™ Digital Signage Software

Astral OOH, one of Canada’s leading out-of-home advertising operators, partners with Ayuda to power current and future digital growth

By Daniel Fleischer, Montreal, Quebec

Oct 21, 2014

Ayuda Media Systems, makers of the world’s most sophisticated software platform for DOOH networks, announced today that Astral Out-of-Home has chosen Ayuda Media Systems’ Splash™ digital signage software CMS and player to manage the content, playback, and reporting of all its digital assets in Canada. Astral-Out-of-Home, a division of Bell Media, is one of Canada’s largest and most recognized OOH operators whose traditional and digital media assets reach millions of Canadians in several major Canadian cities.

Demonstrating how smooth and effortless the transition has been, in just one month Astral Out-of-Home has already implemented Ayuda’s Splash player on many of its high profile digital billboards in most major Canadian DMAs including Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton. The rollout will continue quickly to all of Astral Out-of-Home’s digital assets in additional prime locations within Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City on digital billboards, airports, and downtown street furniture and digital columns.

“At Astral Out-of-Home, we take pride in being Canada’s innovation leaders in digital out-of-home advertising. Our partnership with Ayuda Media Systems solidifies that position,” said Benjamin Mathieu, Director, Business Development, Transport, and Technologies, Astral Out-of-Home. “Ayuda Media Systems’ Splash™ digital signage software was chosen because it’s perfectly suited to our operational needs and is tailored to support the growth of our multiple Digital networks as well as continuing to meet and exceed our clients’ high standards.”

“This is a signature win for Ayuda” states Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Vice-President of Global Business Development. “Astral Out-of-Home’s RFP process for this project was one of the most rigorous we’ve ever seen, and it’s an honor to have won it. This home-turf win is especially meaningful given the plethora of digital signage vendors right here in Montreal.” Fleischer continues: “A premiere company like Astral Out-of-Home commands excellence from all their partners, and choosing Ayuda is an honor that could only be bestowed upon a best-in-class digital signage software vendor.” Andreas Soupliotis, Ayuda’s CEO, also enthusiastically commented: “Ayuda is delighted to be powering some of the most prestigious, high-traffic, digital locations across Canada. The deployment continues to proceed smoothly, and everything about the project just works. We’re looking forward to assisting Astral Out-of-Home as they continue to rapidly enlarge their digital footprint to major Canadian markets.”


Ayuda Media Systems (Ayuda) has been providing the D/OOH industry with the world’s most sophisticated media management platform for over 10 years. As the developers of the Ayuda Platform (which notably includes Juice™, Splash™, BMS™, Zest™ Rewind™, Cerebro™, and now, Alto™), Ayuda’s products have invoiced over two billion dollars in OOH billing and provided media management functions for more than 500,000 advertising faces globally. The Ayuda Platform is cloud-based, and includes functionality for D/OOH networks such as avails and proposal generation, invoicing, lease payouts, financial reporting, inventory management, scheduling, content management, mapping, network monitoring, business intelligence, a free software player, real-time annotated proof of play, and the world’s only D/OOH vendor focused CRM. Ayuda was founded in 2003 by ex-Microsoft employees with the mission of empowering the D/OOH industry with state-of-the-art tools that make D/OOH easier to manage and buy. In November 2012, Microsoft presented Ayuda’s Splash™ product with the highly coveted Windows Azure Application – Partner of the Year Award for its use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. For more information about Ayuda, visit


Astral Out-of-Home, a division of Bell Media, is one of Canada’s leading out-of-home advertising companies with more than 9,500 strategically-placed advertising faces in key markets in Québec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Driving innovation in one of the most dynamic media in the country, Astral Out-of-Home is committed to remaining at the forefront of the latest technology trends, offering advertisers the opportunity to deliver powerful messages that engage and connect with consumers. For more information, visit


Daniel Fleischer
Vice President of Business Development
Ayuda Media Systems
+1 (514) 845-0824