Ayuda Introduces Realtime DOOH Ad Serving and Attribution using Mobile Data

Company introduces functionality to its supply-side platform that enables DOOH media sellers to offer a new class of campaigns that include realtime playout decisioning from mobile signals, while enabling retail DOOH media buyers to measure in-store visitation traffic

By Daniel Fleischer, Las Vegas, NV

Mar 15, 2016

Ayuda Media Systems, an ad tech company specializing in software for out-of-home media owners, announced today at the Digital Signage Expo 2016 that it has introduced functionality to its programmatic supply-side platform for DOOH media owners that enables realtime, non-predictive ad serving to target niche audiences and custom behaviors by leveraging data science to analyze mobile device concentration. The platform also offers attribution capabilities that measure how many devices were sighted in front of a DOOH asset, served an ad, and later visited a geofenced location such as a retail store.

“We’ve been testing this functionality globally in private marketplaces with premium guaranteed inventory for the past five months and the response from buyers has been phenomenal” commented Andreas Soupliotis, Founder & CEO of Ayuda. “Display, mobile and video-savvy buyers appreciate that algorithms move creative around non-predictively to retarget a niche audience within a DOOH network based on mobile device concentration. We’re essentially equipping DOOH media owners with location-based cookies, which helps them tap into new digital revenue streams”.

In addition to introducing realtime DOOH ad serving capabilities, Ayuda today introduced attribution capabilities to its self-serve buying platform that help buyers measure the effectiveness of DOOH campaigns. Data science algorithms are used to establish a 1-1 match of devices that were observed in line-of-sight of a DOOH asset when an ad was served, and were later observed in a pre-defined geofenced area. Retailers are particularly interested visitation-based attribution capabilities. In the United States, Ayuda has partnered with AirSage to feed its ad serving and attribution platform using AirSage data. AirSage is an aggregator of anonymous signaling data from cellular networks that processes over 15 billion geotemporal signals each day derived from 100 million devices. AirSage’s data science team has worked closely with Ayuda’s team to derive niche audiences and custom behaviors from raw signal data.

Ryan Kinskey, Director of Business Development from AirSage commented “I’m thrilled to be working with Ayuda to deliver a rinse, lather and repeatable, state-of-the art ad serving and attribution solution that unlocks the power of AirSage data.” It should be noted that Ayuda’s ad serving and attribution platform does not require media owners to convert their signage platforms and players to Ayuda. Thanks to advances in HTML5, Ayuda has successfully served ads to non-Ayuda players without the need for an API integration.

“We designed this from day one to work with heterogenous environments so that the barrier to entry could stay low” commented Soupliotis. When asked about pricing of such campaigns, Soupliotis replied “We’ve baked geotemporal ad serving and attribution into our platform. In doing so, we’re helping DOOH media owners create a new sales pitch that appeals to new digital buyers. This new class of campaign merits higher CPMs because of its targeting abilities, efficient digital playout, and attribution analysis.” Soupliotis further commented: “With our updated platform, DOOH creative essentially chases a niche audience throughout the day with playout decisioning guided in realtime by mobile signals, and we’re linking it with in-store visitation traffic. That’s programmatic execution. And while building programmatic pipes between buyers and sellers is all the rage, we believe programmatic execution from mobile data is the real needle mover to tap into mobile budgets.”


Ayuda is a DOOH ad tech company. The Ayuda Platform is a supply-side platform (SSP) that is used by media sellers worldwide to manage day-to-day operations. Aside from the usual CMS + player functionality, the Ayuda Platform includes iOS apps for proposal generation, CRM, inventory and contract management, invoicing, leasing, financial reporting and BI dashboards. The Ayuda Platform also includes a DOOH ad server that can work with first party data to serve ads dynamically to digital screens. Ayuda is a proud member of the iAB. For more information about Ayuda, visit www.ayudasystems.com


AirSage®—a pioneer in population analytics—is the largest provider of consumer locations and population movement intelligence in the world. Each day, AirSage uses patented technology to capture and analyze more than 15 billion anonymous, real-time, cellular-signal data points to identify travel patterns and transportation trends. Partnerships with the nation’s largest wireless carriers give AirSage exclusive access to data from more than 100 million mobile devices. Analyzed and aggregated, AirSage data provides actionable insights into where and when people travel and is transforming the transportation industry, commercial enterprises and a diverse range of industries. Visit www.airsage.com to learn more.

Daniel Fleischer
Vice President of Business Development
Ayuda Media Systems
+1 (514) 845-0824