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The Finance module allows you to manage lease payouts, invoices, and transfer accounts receivables and accounts payables to your general ledger (GL) third party application. The Lease Payout module calculates complex lease payouts based on lease agreements and contract information. Flexible invoicing is possible with the Invoicing module and can accommodate the most complex invoicing requirements.


With Finance, you can manage and maintain all accounting-related data and features, such as taxes, revenues, and general ledger accounts.


The invoicing module lets you manage recurring billing schedules, generate & print invoices, and track revenue allocation for your campaigns. Revenue reporting is also available from this solution.

Lease Agreement

The Lease Agreement module lets you manage complex, recurring lease payment terms for all your leases. The Flexible Lease Agreement Builder (“FLAB”™) technology lets you define and save flexible lease payment formulas that can handle the most complex lease terms imaginable.

Lease Payout

The Lease Payout module lets you calculate, generate and transfer lease payment information to all leading Accounts Payable systems. Lease payments are generated based on the flexible lease terms defined in the Lease Agreement solution.


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Splash™ allows traditional outdoor vendors to transition into digital OOH vendors. With full support for place-based digital networks, as well as integrated transit support, Splash™ is a comprehensive management system for your digital OOH inventory. Splash™ includes detailed asset management capabilities for sites, vehicles, fleets, screens, faces, and more. Not to mention day-part & day of week scheduling, dynamic loop templates, demographic targeting, network monitoring, and more. Moreover, Splash™ ties in seamlessly with the rest of the Ayuda Platform™ – including CRM, Avails & Proposals, Billing & Invoicing, Leasing, Mapping, Proof Of Performance, and Reporting.

Manage any Digital Asset

Digital assets are the lifeblood of any digital network operator. Managing the details of thousands of digital screens, players, faces, vehicles, and sites is no trivial task. With the asset management features within Splash™, digital network operators can easily manage all of the operational details of their digital assets – including screen details such as size, aspect ratio, and native resolution; location details such as demographic profiles, operating hours, and inactivity; as well face characteristics such as loop templates, day-parts, & rate cards. Splash™ also includes full support for transit assets, including vehicles and fleets, and time-based fleet management capabilities.

Full Support for Transit and Media on the Move

With sophisticated features such as automated fleet list management, effective-dating of asset characteristics, and time-based vehicle tracking, Splash™ is the only media management platform that can natively handle media on the move. Update hundreds of vehicles at once with Bulk Edit. Duplicate an entire subway platform with Copy Asset. Import thousands of bus movements with Fleet List Management. No other media management software offers more features and capabilities to manage transit assets than Splash™.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Finally, an easy way to schedule content to multiple faces effortlessly. Need to update content on a daily or hourly basis? Perhaps your content needs to be changed based on external triggers? What if you need to rotate through multiple creatives per campaign? The scheduling capabilities in Splash™ let you schedule content dynamically for any part of the day or week in an easy-to-use, intuitive visual interface. Welcome to hassle-free scheduling.

Be a Know-It-All

Want to know which screens are off? How about which players have not updated their content recently? Or perhaps which sites are suffering due to low bandwidth? The network monitoring facilities in Splash™ can help you answer all of these questions and more. With interactive, map-based views of your digital assets, remote management capabilities, and real-time notification alerts, the Splash™ Network Operation Center lets network operators see the status of their entire digital network at a glance.

Static / Classic Charting: Manage any Classic Asset

Splash makes charting profitable campaigns a snap. A two-dimensional, visual timeline view of available inventory showing site & panel information and line-of-site constraints allows you to perform selections effortlessly. The Sales Team will also benefit from live avails using the Avails Connector.

Static Charting

Splash lets you enter, manage, and update campaigns. This includes sales contracts, segments, bookings, and postings. Campaigns can be entered and charted in minutes!

Campaign Management

The Campaign module lets you quickly enter, manage, and update campaigns. You can easily track proposals, expiring holds, and signed contracts to see what their status is.

BMS Operations Package

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BMS™ Operations Package allows you to manage everything related to operations. The Operations Management Connector allows you to manage work orders, posting instructions and route management. The Copy Management Connector also allows you to manage your inventory of creative – when it arrived, which plant and bin number it’s in, how much copy you have in stock, and more.

Operations Management Connector

The BMS™ Operations Management Connector lets you manage and maintain posting and maintenance tasks. Now you’ll know what needs to be done and when.

Copy Management Connector

The BMS™ Copy Management Connector lets you manage and maintain copy inventory within your plants. Easily know what copy is available and where it is located.

Mapping Package

BMS™ Mapping Package allows you to create and print amazing maps that show off your inventory with just a few clicks. You can effortlessly browse or search locations on maps and import demographic layers created in third party mapping applications. Cutting edge mapping technology is used to optionally show maps using satellite imagery.

Easy to use

The BMS™ Mapping Connector was introduced to enable users who are not familiar with advanced mapping tools to build maps in a couple of clicks.

Map a contract in one minute

The BMS™ Mapping Connector lets you create maps of contracts very easily. Search for your contract, select it, add it to your custom map and that’s it, you’re done. The™ Mapping Connector has many ways to make your maps more interesting, you can import points of interest, create proximity zones, assign custom icons to your locations, etc…

Share your maps

The BMS™ Campaign Management Connector can easily export maps to Microsoft Powerpoint, you can choose to export a location list along with the map, display number labels on locations and include market analysis data.

Yield Management Package

BMS™ Yield Management Package enables you to maximize your profit by employing yield management principles. Occupancy rate is central to your profit, and making sure that inventory is smartly charted has a direct impact on your occupancy rate. The Yield Management Package enables SmartChart™ functionality in the Charting Connector, an auto-charting algorithm that optimally skews selections towards business objectives that are defined in the Yield Management Connector.

BMS SmartChart™, Perfecting the art of charting

Squeezing every last dollar out of hundreds or even thousands of panels is not a trivial task. Chartists are expected to fulfill campaign requirements set by the customer while also maximizing occupancy for the media operator. These two competing forces are often difficult to reconcile. Typical “auto-chart” features can help by automatically charting hundreds of faces at once and possibly even skewing towards the customers’ objectives. However, these basic “auto-chart” features rarely help optimize revenue for the plant operator.

Maximize your occupancy

Enter BMS SmartChart™ – the most advanced auto-charting feature available to OOH media operators. The easy-to-use SmartChart™ technology built-in to™ uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms to allow Chartists to simultaneously fulfill their customers’ campaign objectives while also optimizing revenue for the media operator. Features such as gap-minimization, skewing capabilities, & cost optimization allow™ SmartChart™ to automatically chart campaigns in the most profitable fashion by maximizing occupancy and minimizing operational costs.

Key features of our patented SmartChart™ technology include:

Gap-minimization, Skewing & targeting capabilities, Operational cost optimization, Line of sight constraints, Copy/Advertiser restrictions, Map-based view.


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Based on the open-source OpenSplash™ player technology, the Splash Player™ is available for Windows and Linux. In conjunction with the Splash™ content management features, the Splash Player™ can play back high-definition, full-motion video synchronized across multiple screens.

Multi-player Synchronization

Need to setup a large-format video wall? Want to trigger content to play on one face based on the content on another? Or perhaps your client wants their ad synchronized between two screens? With full support for frame-level synchronization of high-definition video content, setting up multi-player synchronization with the Splash Player™ is a snap.

No-Player Player

As smart devices proliferate, any internet-enabled screen can become a Splash Player™. Simply point your internet-enabled screen to the No-Player Player URL and watch as Splash™ content is streamed to the screen and played back in full HTML5 splendour.

Distribute Wisely

Rich media files are often hundreds of megabytes in size. Distributing multiple gigabytes of data across a vast network of locations can be time-consuming, not to mention bandwidth-intensive. With the Splash Player™’s revolutionary peer-to-peer distribution architecture, content is optimally distributed between players on the local network – rather than creating a bandwidth bottleneck on the content server.


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Alto™ offers a rich, intuitive interface for content upload and scheduling to high-profile advertisers who are given the appropriate authorization. Once their campaign has been confirmed, Alto™ allows select advertisers to upload content to individual panels or a network of panels; to view their schedule details and schedule content to specific panels; to manage their campaigns globally and modify content across the network of panels that they have purchased; and manage basic scheduling elements such as loop saturation and dynamic content. Best of all, Alto™ works as a standalone product which can be used with any player in the field, including the Splash™ Player, the open-source OpenSplash Player, or any SMIL-based or XML playlist driven player.

Content Library

Give your VIP clients access to upload their content directly to your screens. Your clients will love you for letting them upload and manage their own content library without needing to email or FTP files back and forth. With the Content Library features in Alto™, your VIP clients can upload their media files, copy, archive, and replace media files, and even define dynamic content areas and configure dynamic overlays.

Media Bundles

Once they’ve uploaded their media files, your VIP clients can use Alto™ to create Media Bundles, add and remove media files to and from bundles, and define the playback order and saturation requirements for each file in the bundle.

Campaign Scheduling

With Alto™, your VIP clients will have full control of the content schedule on each of their purchased locations. They’ll be able to easily define schedule content to individual faces or all faces in their campaign. Schedules can be as simple as all-day, or as intricate as varying content per hour on a day-by-day basis.

Location Browser

The location browser in Alto™ allows your VIP clients to get a face-centric view of all their purchased locations. At a glance, they’ll be able to see which locations are booked to which campaigns, what content is scheduled to which locations, and even view a live webcam feed of the location (if available).


Photo Vault

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Photo Vault™ is a dynamically-generated, searchable library of all your proof of performance photos organized by advertiser category. Easily find the best photos by visually navigating through your entire photo library with the dynamic pivoting capabilities of the Photo Vault™. Filter by market, media, advertiser, agency, and other photo attributes, and easily select photos for download. With Photo Vault™, you’ll be able to respond to your clients’ requests for comparative campaign photos quickly and intuitively.


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Zest™ is Ayuda’s newest product released as part of the Ayuda Platform. Sold standalone to you the OOH seller, it lets you have a branded HTML5 Web site and a branded Apple AppStore App that lets your buyers discover inventory, check avails, browse rates, and build and buy a TAB EYES ON showing-based campaign online.

Branded for You and Snaps Right into Your Corporate Web Site

For some time now, you as the OOH seller have been wanting to extend your corporate Web site by showing locations, maps, point of interest targeting, rates, and TAB EYES ON TRP ratings so that your buyers can discover your locations and build an RFP. Put differently, you’ve been thinking about bringing your outdoor business online. Welcome to Zest™. With Zest™, you have your business up and running in days.


The inexperienced OOH buyer may just want to buy a billboard or two. They don’t speak or understand TRPs and Reach Frequency. For them, Zest™ offers a hyper-local buying tool, that lets them target specific locations and points of interests. “I want to buy a large billboard near my store but I don’t know what I can get within my budget” is a typical sentiment from such a buyer. For that kind of buyer, Zest™ offers a location mode making it super easy to discover billboards near locations of interest on a map using only a few clicks.

Your Company

Available in the Apple AppStore – Zest™ is written in HTML5, so it can run from any device and any browser. What’s even cooler than that? How about having your very own App in the Apple App Store with your company name (remember – Zest™ is white labeled!). With the App, your buyers can browse your locations with rich graphics, learn about rates and traffic information, and then request an RFP. As a bonus, you will find that your own sales reps will use the iPad version of the App to browse and showoff your locations to buyers during sales pitches.

Shake your iPhone to Learn More

The Zest™ App takes advantage of iPhone hardware such as GPS and the Accelerometer. For example, if your buyers are driving by or walking near your board, they can launch your corporate-branded Zest™ App from their iPhone, literally “shake” their phone, and get all the information on the board they’re looking at pushed to them, and request an RFP, right then and there!


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Cerebro™ is a set of APIs-as-a-service for software developers of an OOH company. It helps developers build programs that can generate optimized media plans and proposals that include TAB OOH Ratings or Route UK data into their custom software. Exposed as SOAP Web services, Cerebro™ offers a sophisticated planning engine that can optimize a media plan over multiple, competing objectives such as reach & frequency, in-market TRPs and GRPs, number of panels, budget, and geography. At its core Cerebro™ is a non-linear, mathematical optimization engine that uses meta-heuristic numerical techniques to emulate the brain of a media planner.

Cerebro™ is offered in these flavors:

  • Cerebro™ US Plan Optimizer – SOAP web services that optimize a media plan over multiple campaign objectives that include tab ooh ratings such as in-market reach & frequency, in-market trps, number of panels, budget, and geography (e.g. widest dispersion). updated quarterly with each tab update.
  • Cerebro™ UK Data Services –  SOAP Web services that calculate per-panel or plan in-market reach, frequency and GRPs using Route data. Updated quarterly with each Route update.
  • Cerebro™ UK Plan Optimizer – SOAP Web services that optimize a media plan over multiple campaign objectives that include Route data such as in-market reach & frequency, in-market GRPs, number of panels, budget, and geography (e.g. widest dispersion). Updated quarterly with each Route update.
  • All Cerebro™ services can be consumed by any programming language that speaks SOAP, such as C#, or Java.

Leverage Audited Audience Metrics

Cerebro™ leverages third-party audience metrics such as TAB OOH Ratings in the US or Route data in the UK, to obtain audited TRP and Reach & Frequency data. The Cerebro™ APIs allow developers to combine the data retrieved from the audited audience metrics providers, with their own asset and availability information to generate optimized media plans.

Web Services Based

Because the Cerebro™ planning optimization engine is exposed as web services, it can plug into any contemporary sales, proposal, or charting tool that is typically used today by OOH media operators, including homegrown software. OOH Developers can use standard SOAP method calls from any platform to consume the Cerebro™ APIs.

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Juice Double

Juice™ is a comprehensive suite of sales tools for Digital and Traditional OOH vendors that will vastly improve the way you manage your media sales organization. With the industry’s only CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that exists exclusively for the needs of the OOH media salesperson, you can manage contacts, leads, sales pipeline and generate reports from the same interface that allows you to check digital and traditional avails. Turn those avails results into beautiful, complete sales proposals with just a few clicks from a browser or mobile device. Then, watch as your proposed campaigns get booked, scheduled, viewed in real-time on an interactive POP website, and invoiced with the seamless integration that exists between Juice™, Splash™, and the rest of the Ayuda Platform™.

CRM – Pipeline & Reports

Juice™ CRM is the only one of its kind that is completely tailored to integrate the OOH media salesperson’s daily workflow into a traditional CRM, creating a single point of truth for all sales, pipeline, reporting, and media inventory data. Manage leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and your book of business from the same interface from which you retrieve avails and create proposals. With Juice™ CRM, your financial proposals, pipeline, media inventory and sales reports coexist seamlessly, accessible in a unified browser-based user experience.


Finally, an easy way to check digital and traditional avails effortlessly. Need to find a precise set of locations to fit into a certain budget? Perhaps you’re looking to sell a specific day part, or number of spots, but only to a certain target geography or demographic, and all this based on audience numbers? Juice™ lets you check avails with ease, based on the criteria that is most relevant to the way you sell your network space. Accurate, meaningful, real-time, every time.

Sales Proposals

Juice™ allows you to retrieve digital and traditional avails in real-time and instantly convert those results into polished proposals that are customized for your business. Impress your clients with rich, detailed financial proposals that include detailed inventory information, as well as photo sheets and high resolution maps. Every proposal can be downloaded to PDF or sent to clients as a link to a beautiful, customized HTML5 web page.


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Post™ is a mobile app that offers mobile workforce automation to OOH billposters. Work orders can be managed by BMS™, or be fed from a third-party source, and viewed in the Post™ app in a visually rich way. Additionally, Post™ offers detailed business analysis into the efficiency of the billposting process.

Android App

With Post™, billposters receive posting instructions directly on their Android or iOS handheld device, including what to post, where, and when, as well as what maintenance tasks to perform. Post™ users can also create maintenance tasks, and flag locations for follow-up on the fly.

One Stop POP

Post™ also ties in with the rest of the Ayuda Platform™ by instructing the billposter to take a picture of the completed work order, which is then uploaded wirelessly to the Rewind™ Proof of Performance Website.

Privacy Policy

POP Package

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POP Logo

BMS™ POP Package enables you to dazzle your clients by offering them a rich and interactive online POP Web site for their campaigns. The online POP Web site includes posting photos, invoices, location information, posting dates versus scheduled dates, override dates, the ability to download a ZIP folder containing all photos, interaction with satellite maps showing locations, and the ability to download print quality completion reports.


POP Upload Connector

The BMS™ POP Upload Connector lets you associate and upload proof of performance photos to either individual faces or to a whole campaign segment. This is the starting point for enabling Proof of Performance across the company.

POP Management Connector

The™ POP Management Connector lets you manage your Proof of Performance website. This includes reviewing and approving photos, uploading invoices, and campaigns online.

POP Web Site

The™ POP Web Site lets your clients access their completion reports online, they will also have to possibility to follow the progress of their campaigns, download all photos and view the details of all the faces they bought.

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Based on the open-source OpenSplash™ player technology, the SplashPlayer™ is available for Windows and Linux. In conjunction with the Splash™ content management features, the Splash Player™ can play back high-definition, full-motion video synchronized across multiple screens.

  • Multi-player Synchronization – Need to setup a large-format video wall? Want to trigger content to play on one face based on the content on another? Or perhaps your client wants their ad synchronized between two screens? With full support for frame-level synchronization of high-definition video content, setting up multi-player synchronization with the SplashPlayer™ is a snap.
  • No-Player Player – As smart devices proliferate, any internet-enabled screen can become a SplashPlayer™. Simply point your internet-enabled screen to the No-Player Player URL and watch as Splash™ content is streamed to the screen and played back in full HTML5 splendour.
  • Distribute Wisely – Rich media files are often hundreds of megabytes in size. Distributing multiple gigabytes of data across a vast network of locations can be time-consuming, not to mention bandwidth-intensive. With the SplashPlayer™’s revolutionary peer-to-peer distribution architecture, content is optimally distributed between players on the local network – rather than creating a bandwidth bottleneck on the content server.

Ayuda Announces Revenue Intelligence for OOH

Company introduces new platform to optimize how DOOH suppliers manage revenue, beginning with waterfalled playback of content from direct and programmatic sales

By Daniel Fleischer, Las Vegas, Nevada

Apr 30, 2018

Ayuda Media Systems (“Ayuda”), an out-of-home ad tech company announced today at the 2018 Digital Signage Expo that it will be demonstrating the first of many revenue-optimization- centric features that constitute the next evolution of Ayuda’s complete business operations platform for D/OOH media owners.

Leveraging Ayuda’s advanced optimization algorithms, the Revenue Intelligence (Ri) platform will analyze the day-to-day operational, sales, and finance data that is already managed in the Ayuda Platform to increase overall yield to the media owner. The first Ayuda Ri offering is available immediately to digital (DOOH) media networks as a fully programmatic-ready CMS and player that can play content from multiple sources, with intelligence about the order interplay between both direct sales and programmatic sales efforts. Ri prioritizes programmatically delivered content without the need to reserve a spot in the loop. The DOOH network’s existing direct sales effort has full unrestricted access to the entire loop capacity, as Ayuda Ri waterfalls between content from direct sales and content from programmatic sales when available.

Daniel Fleischer, Ayuda’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing explains: Ayuda’s platform provides a state-of-the-art, open ecosystem programmatic-ready player that intelligently optimizes yield by ensuring that content from any number of programmatic sources can be played without having to dedicate a reserved spot in the loop. Ayuda Ri employs a waterfall mechanism that plays content from direct sales, followed by content from external programmatic sources such as Hivestack or any commercially available VAST or HTML source. The DOOH network’s business rules are defined in the Ayuda Platform, which then govern how best to inject the programmatically sourced content.”

The waterfall content playback is only the first step in the overarching Yield Optimization challenge that Ayuda Ri addresses. The Ayuda Platform, used by many of the world’s largest OOH media owners already to manage all aspects of their ad operations, already holds much of the sales, occupancy and general business data against which optimization calculations can be performed. Ri unlocks the power of the day-to-day operational data and transforms it into valuable insights which hold the potential to increase occupancy and rates, thus increasing yield.

Fleischer concludes: “We now turn attention to unlocking the power of the business data that is already managed by the Ayuda Platform. Expect to see Ayuda begin tackling elements that only a complete solution such as Ayuda’s can attempt, under the Ri banner. These include, for example, dynamic rate cards, campaign planning optimization, occupancy and rate optimization, and lessor prioritization. Optimizing against all the elements simultaneously is of course the holy grail of an ultimate yield management platform for OOH. That’s Revenue Intelligence.


Ayuda is a DOOH ad tech company. The Ayuda Platform is a supply-side platform (SSP) that is used by media sellers worldwide to manage day-to-day operations. Aside from the usual CMS + player functionality, the Ayuda Platform includes iOS apps for proposal generation, CRM, inventory and contract management, invoicing, leasing, financial reporting and BI dashboards. Originally founded in 2003 by a Silicon Valley class R&D team with the objective of building the world’s most complete and best OOH management system, Ayuda’s products have today invoiced over two billion dollars in OOH billing and provide media management functions for more than 1.2 Million advertising faces globally. The Ayuda Platform includes a DOOH ad server that works with multiple ad exchanges enabling programmatic buying scenarios. For more information about Ayuda, visit

Daniel Fleischer
Vice President of Business Development
Ayuda Media Systems
+1 (514) 845-0824