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Alto™ offers a rich, intuitive interface for content upload and scheduling to high-profile advertisers who are given the appropriate authorization. Once their campaign has been confirmed, Alto™ allows select advertisers to upload content to individual panels or a network of panels; to view their schedule details and schedule content to specific panels; to manage their campaigns globally and modify content across the network of panels that they have purchased; and manage basic scheduling elements such as loop saturation and dynamic content. Best of all, Alto™ works as a standalone product which can be used with any player in the field, including the Splash™ Player, the open-source OpenSplash Player, or any SMIL-based or XML playlist driven player.

Content Library

Give your VIP clients access to upload their content directly to your screens. Your clients will love you for letting them upload and manage their own content library without needing to email or FTP files back and forth. With the Content Library features in Alto™, your VIP clients can upload their media files, copy, archive, and replace media files, and even define dynamic content areas and configure dynamic overlays.

Media Bundles

Once they’ve uploaded their media files, your VIP clients can use Alto™ to create Media Bundles, add and remove media files to and from bundles, and define the playback order and saturation requirements for each file in the bundle.

Campaign Scheduling

With Alto™, your VIP clients will have full control of the content schedule on each of their purchased locations. They’ll be able to easily define schedule content to individual faces or all faces in their campaign. Schedules can be as simple as all-day, or as intricate as varying content per hour on a day-by-day basis.

Location Browser

The location browser in Alto™ allows your VIP clients to get a face-centric view of all their purchased locations. At a glance, they’ll be able to see which locations are booked to which campaigns, what content is scheduled to which locations, and even view a live webcam feed of the location (if available).