CBS Leads OOH Industry in Delivering EYES ON Ratings to Customers

Ayuda helps CBS Outdoor lead the charge towards delivering more accurate audience data

Joe Cotugno, New York, NY

May 2, 2010

Just in time for this year’s GO! 201oTAB/OAAA Out of Home Media Conference and Marketing Expo, CBS Outdoor is releasing an update to their Proof Of Performance Website which will include TAB’s EYES ON Ratings for all media campaigns. As part of their pioneering commitment to phasing out DEC values in favor of the new EYES ON measurement data, and following the steps they’ve already taken in sharing EYES ON Ratings with media planners and buyers, CBS Outdoor announced this week that they will also be reporting EYES ON Ratings in the post-buy phase of media campaigns.

Jodi Senese, Executive Vice President of Marketing at CBS Outdoor, commented: “The OOH industry has just raised the bar in media measurement, and now has ratings metrics compatible with agency planning systems. This is a big step forward and CBS Outdoor fully intends to support the introduction and use of this new currency.”

Agencies applauded CBS’ effort to include EYES ON Ratings as part of the Proof of Performance delivery. “I look forward to the improved transparency and accountability EYES ON will bring to the OOH market, and partners like Ayuda validating OOH delivery of CBS inventory to agencies and advertisers. This clearer picture of consumers’ experiences with OOH better demonstrates the value of the medium,” said Jack Sullivan, Senior Vice President/OOH Investment Director at media agency Starcom USA. “The metrics and proof-of-performance validation – rooted in a collaborative development process –simplify the industry, making the purchase of an OOH schedule more believable for marketers, and giving advertisers a greater sense of security and trust in their OOH investments and expectations.”

John Connolly, COO Kinetic Americas also had a warm reception to CBS’ initiatives to incorporate EYES ON Ratings into its Proof of Performance Web site: “I’m delighted to see CBS incorporate Eyes On ratings in their BMS powered POP system. It raises the bar yet again and it will be important for others to follow their example.” EYES ON is the currency conceived and developed by the TAB to provide more accurate audience data for the OOH industry. Whereas the previous measurement, DECs, measured the circulation of people passing a billboard or outdoor location, EYES ON measures the demographic and ethnographic audiences who are likely to see the ad. Over five years in the making, the new currency is replacing DECs as the measurement currency in the OOH industry.

Joe Philport, President of The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, commented on CBS’ announcement: “This is a huge step toward accountability and transparency for our medium. Including demographic EYES ON Ratings in an independent 3rd party proof of performance system will build greater confidence among advertisers and help them better understand the audience weight being delivered.” As the OOH industry transitions to the new currency, CBS Outdoor leads the pack in promoting EYES ON Ratings throughout the entire planning, buying, and now also the post-buy phases of media campaigns.

“It was the logical next step,” adds Chris Eidt, Vice President of Information Systems & Technology at CBS Outdoor. “We already include EYES ON Ratings in our media proposals, and now advertisers and buyers can validate the EYES ON Ratings in their media plans with the EYES ON Ratings actually delivered using completion reports on our POP Website.” Working closely with their software partner, Ayuda Media Systems, CBS Outdoor has updated their online Proof Of Performance Website ( to automatically report TAB’s EYES ON Ratings. “CBS Outdoor is constantly looking for ways to leverage their technology assets to deliver additional benefits to their clients. The inclusion of EYES ON Ratings is yet another example of CBS’ innovative spirit at play,” reports Andreas Soupliotis, CEO & Founder of Ayuda Media Systems.


CBS Outdoor is a division of the CBS Corporation, and is one of the leading outdoor media companies in the world. CBS Outdoor is among the world’s largest out-of-home media companies with more than $2 billion in revenues worldwide. CBS Outdoor sells and services more outdoor advertising than any other billboard company in North America and currently operates nearly 550,000 outdoor media displays nationwide. In addition to over 100,000 traditional Billboards spread throughout every major U.S. city, CBS Outdoor offerings also include Street Furniture advertising, Transit advertising, Mall advertising and more, with coverage across vast geographies utilizing multiple media forms within key markets. For more information about CBS Outdoor, visit:


Established in 1933, the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement Inc. is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide accurate audience measurements for out of home media in the United States. Run by a tripartite board comprised of advertisers, agencies and media companies, the TAB acts as an independent industry organization in accordance with guidelines established by its Board of Directors. The TAB officially released 2010 EYES ON Ratings as the currency for buying and selling OOH media in November, 2009. For more information about TAB’s EYES ON Ratings, visit:


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