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Juice™ is a comprehensive suite of sales tools for Digital and Traditional OOH vendors that will vastly improve the way you manage your media sales organization. With the industry’s only CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform that exists exclusively for the needs of the OOH media salesperson, you can manage contacts, leads, sales pipeline and generate reports from the same interface that allows you to check digital and traditional avails. Turn those avails results into beautiful, complete sales proposals with just a few clicks from a browser or mobile device. Then, watch as your proposed campaigns get booked, scheduled, viewed in real-time on an interactive POP website, and invoiced with the seamless integration that exists between Juice™, Splash™, and the rest of the Ayuda Platform™.

CRM – Pipeline & Reports

Juice™ CRM is the only one of its kind that is completely tailored to integrate the OOH media salesperson’s daily workflow into a traditional CRM, creating a single point of truth for all sales, pipeline, reporting, and media inventory data. Manage leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, and your book of business from the same interface from which you retrieve avails and create proposals. With Juice™ CRM, your financial proposals, pipeline, media inventory and sales reports coexist seamlessly, accessible in a unified browser-based user experience.


Finally, an easy way to check digital and traditional avails effortlessly. Need to find a precise set of locations to fit into a certain budget? Perhaps you’re looking to sell a specific day part, or number of spots, but only to a certain target geography or demographic, and all this based on audience numbers? Juice™ lets you check avails with ease, based on the criteria that is most relevant to the way you sell your network space. Accurate, meaningful, real-time, every time.

Sales Proposals

Juice™ allows you to retrieve digital and traditional avails in real-time and instantly convert those results into polished proposals that are customized for your business. Impress your clients with rich, detailed financial proposals that include detailed inventory information, as well as photo sheets and high resolution maps. Every proposal can be downloaded to PDF or sent to clients as a link to a beautiful, customized HTML5 web page.