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Post™ is a mobile app that offers mobile workforce automation to OOH billposters. Work orders can be managed by BMS™, or be fed from a third-party source, and viewed in the Post™ app in a visually rich way. Additionally, Post™ offers detailed business analysis into the efficiency of the billposting process.

Android App

With Post™, billposters receive posting instructions directly on their Android or iOS handheld device, including what to post, where, and when, as well as what maintenance tasks to perform. Post™ users can also create maintenance tasks, and flag locations for follow-up on the fly.

One Stop POP

Post™ also ties in with the rest of the Ayuda Platform™ by instructing the billposter to take a picture of the completed work order, which is then uploaded wirelessly to the Rewind™ Proof of Performance Website.

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